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In 2010, China established the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone to facilitate cross-Strait exchange and cooperation, ramping up its efforts to improve the island's infrastructure.China and Kazakhstan should take a clear-cut stand in upholding multilateralism and an open world economy, so as to contribute to promoting a fairer, more just and equitable global governance system, Xi said.The answers were very much alike --"Be young, forever young." "Be true to yourself." "No matter how hard life punches you, you fight back and never give up."

Since then, she has been passionate about public welfare. After graduating from college in 2009, she co-founded a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting families in need and offering cultural services in communities in Chengdu.China is taking prudent, phased and orderly steps to gradually restore order in social, economic, education and healthcare sectors, it said, adding that other countries should swiftly reassess the measures taken toward China.Talking about WTO reforms, Li said the organization is facing a crisis of survival. "Some of its members want to go it alone, while some want to scrap it and start all over again."When asked if such battles would weigh on growth in 2018, Ning hinted that he would not worry too much.


Last year, the researchers piloted growing rice in saline-alkali soil in six bases across China, with the total testing areas amounting to 20,000 mu and the average yield reaching over 500 kg per mu.Last week, at Guanyuan neighborhood in Xicheng District in Beijing, more than 40 people were elected by residents to vote on what types of groceries a new service center should offer.As of end of 2018, valid trademarks registered by Chinese mainland entities reached 18.05 million, up 32.8 percent year on year.Japanese runner Goshima came second with 34:04.65, followed by Sekiya in 34:05.84.Geng has also signed documents to donate her corneas. Her story has inspired many others to make the same choice.

What impressed Kuhn was the report's "comprehensive scope" and that it "established the policies not only for the next five years, but framed the agenda and set the strategies for the next 30 years."More high-quality resources in education, nursing homes and health service will be deployed outside the core areas, to provide more balanced services to citizens, the plan says.

As the economy has posted better-than-expected performance, China will keep its policy stance and strengthen financial support for the real economy, Yi said. The macro prudential regulatory framework will be improved, and M2, new loans and total social financing will see reasonable growth.The scientific instruments aboard the probe worked well, and the images taken by the probe and the detection data have been sent back to ground control, said the China National Space Administration (CNSA).

The project will bring a huge convenience to local people, said the president, adding that it has shown the capabilities of Chinese enterprises, set up a new model for bilateral cooperation and is expected to deliver positive demonstration effect.The deputy vice prime minister envisioned that the China-ASEAN strategic partnership and the BRI will further deepen the cooperation between the two sides in the joint pursuit of shared prosperity.


Chen is most known for his award-winning novel "The Waste Tide," a dystopian story about toilers and waste recycling monopolists in an imaginary Chinese island, whose prototype was Guangdong's Guiyu, once an e-waste disposal center notorious for pollution. Chen said he was amazed by how Guiyu's pollution was tamed in just a few years as China prioritized environmental protection.Karu Jayasuriya, while thanking the Chinese government and its people, said the donation of the security equipment to the Sri Lankan Parliament was "very valuable" following the terror attacks."In an effort to lower the infection rate, Hubei Province, especially Wuhan City, will strengthen prevention and control forces at the community level and promote targeted management so as to enable the communities to serve as a strong fortress against the epidemic," said Wang Hesheng, deputy head of the commission and member of the standing committee of the Hubei provincial Party committee, at a press conference. ■

When users watch drone-captured images transferred in real-time from disaster sites, the sensors on the headset will record and collect the changes of their brain waves. Then, an EEG data analysis system, after performing a series of analysis and computation, will identify and tell the targets to the drone.The first sea trial of the Qianlong No. 3, an upgraded version of the Qianlong No. 2, is expected to be conducted this April.The risk of children developing high myopia is a great concern to Chinese parents, with thousands of students seeking care at hospital and ophthalmic clinics during school holidays.

"We spoke positively of the progress and significance of the cooperation under the BRI. We shared the view that cooperation under the BRI has opened a gateway to opportunities for common prosperity," Xi said, when briefing the press about the outcomes of Saturday's roundtable meeting attended by leaders from 40 countries and international organizations.VIPKID was listed as the first of 100 top companies with remote jobs in 2017, surpassing big companies like Amazon and Dell, by flexible job searching website FlexJobs in January this year.


According to Marcin Piatkowski, the growth of China's ranking is mainly due to the special attention paid by the Chinese government, especially in the formulation and implementation of laws and regulations.The ministry has stepped up public security measures with the help of technology.

Though restrictions were in place due to virus containment, this year's CIIE had an exhibition area of 360,000 square meters, almost 30,000 square meters larger than last year's event. Nearly 400,000 visitors from across the world signed up for the event, Sun said."The scientific data has deepened human understanding of the lunar and space environment as well as solar activities," Zhang said.The reconstruction and advancement of the Belt and Road Initiative will help create economic as well as cultural growth worldwide, she added.

Tokayev, who is paying a state visit to China from Tuesday to Thursday, expressed congratulations on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.China has invested more than 50 billion U.S. dollars in countries involved from 2014 to 2016, official data show.

To utilize solar energy, solar thermal materials are needed. Since it is complex and costly to prepare traditional solar thermal materials such as plasmonic materials, carbon nanotubes and graphene-based materials, they are not suitable for large-scale applications.The two countries also issued a joint statement on establishing a strategic partnership.

Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next"What does rock and roll mean to you?" A short video recording street interviews was displayed during the concert, showing taxi-drivers and restaurant staff answering the question.However, geographic isolation and poor infrastructure restrained the township's development, overshadowing its past glory and leading to a lack of confidence among local people.

For example, projects on sharing the seed production technology of a rice breed have been carried out between Hainan and several ASEAN countries. With the technology promoted at previous ASEAN-China Governors/Mayors' Dialogue, nearly 100 experts now come to Hainan to learn about the breed and related technology each year.Statistics also show that Guangxi has built 22 new expressways that lead to other provinces or neighboring countries as well as 15 international passenger and cargo transport routes over the past five years."The United States must abandon unilateralism and protectionism, take measures and resort to dialogue and consultation to settle disputes," Gao said."We knew a draw was a possibility," he added. "It would have been good to have scored, but I think today the Chinese goalkeeper was very good."Another icebreaker named Xuelong will also join the expedition, making it the first time that two polar icebreakers work together on China's Antarctic expedition.

While construction of stadiums and infrastructure projects has been accelerated, winter sports and the related economy at the venues have also been heating up."The affair of Hong Kong is one of internal affairs of China from A to Z, so that it should be settled in conformity with the desire of the Chinese people without any external interference," the article said.New house prices went down on a yearly basis in nine of the 15 major cities considered the "hottest markets." On a month-on-month basis, new house prices fell in seven of the 15 cities, while Tianjin and Hefei saw home prices flat with February.

Themed on expanding people-to-people exchanges and deepening integrated development, this year's forum has altogether 67 activities. On Sunday, organizers started the main conference with two singing performances that showed both sides of the Taiwan Strait shared the same cultural roots.Nathan Gardels, co-founder and senior advisor to the Berggruen Institute, said openness brings the world and China a new opportunity to enhance mutual understanding.Ever since its establishment, the China-UN Peace and Development Trust Fund has provided financial support to a number of projects on anti-terrorism in Africa. Strengthening the cooperation with African countries has always been a priority in China's diplomacy, he said.

A total of 1,199 persons participated in the three-phase clinical trials. The 36-week-long Phase 3 clinical study showed that the drug can improved cognition in patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease, the developers said."There was one moment when I thought we might as well keep the old pit latrines, which at least did not require the students to flush them or give the school pressure to maintain them," Luo said.

He Guanglian, a Chinese tour guide working in Dubai, has led more tour groups during the past couple of years. "In the past, I mainly received clients who came for business purposes, or simply transferred flights here," He said. "Now, most of my clients come to Dubai for leisure travel."The nighttime economy refers to business activities between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. in the service sector. Many Chinese cities, especially metropolises such as Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai, have rolled out plans to support nighttime consumption to drive economic growth.Earthquake research has found that being aware of an earthquake three seconds beforehand can save 14 percent of casualties, 10 seconds can save 39 percent of casualties and 20 seconds can save 63 percent of casualties.

As China's economy took off in the last four decades, many ethnic minorities are learning Mandarin to get better education and job opportunities.The Chinese pair Hu Zijie/Wu Chunting won the first place in mixed 3m synchro by finishing 301.38. They are from different universities but have good coordination. Wu had won a silver in women's 1m springboard on Thursday and she told Xinhua she felt good to win another medal and was very happy to see the rewards of the hard training.

To better experiment the young squad for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, head coach Xu Limin offered more playing time to talented rookies Han Xu, Li Yueru and Li Yuan, as China extended their lead beyond 20 points early in the third period, and never seemed to be challenged en route to their victory."Our opponents made a few mistakes today, and we managed to capitalize on them," said Chinese player Ba Dexin after the match.

Liu Xin, general manager of Hisense's international marketing company, said Hisense South Africa hired 700 local employees, accounting for over 90 percent of the total staff. Thirty-three of them are senior executives and managers.The PRSS-1 is China's first optical remote sensing satellite sold to Pakistan and the 17th satellite developed by the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) for an overseas buyer.The deputy prime minister said Cambodia and China are "good neighbors, friends, brothers and partners," and the relations between the two countries are "considered as a role model for relationship between country and country."Third, countries should enhance international cooperation on peaceful use of outer space to realize common prosperity in the principle of achieving shared growth through discussion and collaboration.


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